Comprehensive & Preventive Dentistry

We offer preventive dental services because diagnosing and treating problems before they become even more painful or expensive is important to your oral and overall health.
Proper oral hygiene is essential for preventing cavities, but unfortunately, at-home dental care can’t always remove all the food particles and plaque from the deepest grooves of teeth. Dental sealants fill in these grooves on the chewing surfaces of your back teeth where food can get caught and cavities can develop. Dr. Jaeger applies sealants quickly and comfortably!
Plaque wears away at your tooth enamel in a process known as “demineralization.” Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that promotes the remineralization of enamel. Fluoride treatments can strengthen your teeth, protect them against harmful bacteria, and reverse early stages of tooth decay. Children with newly erupted teeth (especially permanent teeth) can benefit a great deal from fluoride treatments, but adults can benefit, too! The easiest ways to expose your teeth to fluoride are to use fluoride toothpaste and drink fluoridated tap water. If Dr. Jaeger notices you have a fluoride deficiency, he may recommend gels, rinses, or in-office fluoride treatments.
Our dental team at Tonganoxie Family Dentistry can create a custom-fitted plastic mouthguard to protect your teeth, gums, lips, and cheeks from sports-related injuries. Athletic mouthguards can even help prevent severe injuries to your face, jaw, and head. If you habitually wake up with a headache, you may be suffering from bruxism, commonly known as teeth grinding. Bruxism is harmful to your teeth and can lead to additional problems like headaches, jaw pain, and arthritic jaw. Dr. Jaeger can help you protect your teeth from the effects of grinding with a custom-made night guard. This plastic guard covers, preserves, and protects the teeth you’ve been grinding while you sleep.

Restorative Dentistry

When you have healthy teeth, it’s easy to take things like eating, talking, smiling, and laughing for granted. However, if you’ve lost healthy teeth, you know how embarrassing and uncomfortable these simple pleasures can become. Restorative dental treatments can make these everyday acts easy again! Dr. Jaeger will work with you to determine which restorative dental treatments will work best to help you regain your smile.

Dental crowns, sometimes called caps, cover teeth to restore them to their appropriate shape and size after large fillings, fractures, or weakening forces, such as intense grinding. Crowns not only cover teeth but provide added support as well. They can also be used to attach bridges, cover dental implants, and restore seriously discolored or misshapen teeth.
Dental bridges “bridge” gaps left by one or multiple missing teeth. The two teeth on either side of the gap serve as anchor teeth. Each anchor tooth has a crown that attaches to the false tooth or teeth of the bridge. Dental bridges can be supported by natural teeth with crowns on top or by implant-supported crowns.
Composite fillings, often called tooth-colored fillings, are a mixture of quartz or glass filler in a resin medium that make a natural-looking filling. The material is cured with a special light and the surface is shaped and polished so you end up with a virtually undetectable restoration. Additionally, composite fillings are a more conservative choice because less tooth structure is lost during this treatment process compared to the procedure for amalgam fillings.
We use only the best materials to fabricate our patients’ new dentures. With modern improvements in dentistry, partial or full dentures can look just like natural teeth. Whether you visit us for a full denture or a partial denture, our friendly team will guide you through the adjustment period of getting used to your new teeth and help with minor modifications to make sure your new smile is as comfortable as it is beautiful!
Dental implants are becoming the best option for patients who need to replace one or more teeth. Unlike dentures, a dental implant is a permanent solution that closely resembles your real teeth and lasts for years to come. Dr. Jaeger is able to restore and place most dental implants, so you can receive all your dental care at Tonganoxie Family Dentistry. Learn more about dental implants!
The inside of each tooth contains soft tissue with nerves and blood vessels running from the root to the crown. A crack, deep cavity, or other injury to a tooth can cause the nerve to become damaged or diseased, allowing bacteria to enter the tooth and kill the living tissue. Without treatment, the resulting infection can cause pain, swelling and abscesses, loss of the diseased tooth, and eventually damage to the surrounding bone.

With endodontic treatment, also called root canal therapy, we carefully remove the diseased tissue and nerve from the tooth and gently clean and seal the root canal to protect it from bacteria. If necessary, medication or an antibiotic can also be used to control the spread of bacteria and stop infection. Finally, a crown is placed over the reshaped tooth to restore and strengthen it. Relief from the pain of an infected tooth is an immediate advantage to root canal therapy. Long-term benefits include saving your natural tooth and avoiding damage to the surrounding bone.